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Links I Like

Below is an a mix of links to other sites that I have found interesting or helpful. Some are sites that I use as suppliers. Some are sites that I use for inspiration. Enjoy!
Create images in beads with instruction books by author Barbara Elbe. Barbara carries the full line Delica beads, many of the Hex beads colors, beaded amulet purse and earring kits and patterns for download. Everything you need to help get started in beading. (And she ships all beads in my favorite flip-top containers!)

Need For Beads
Gail Devoid's site. Bead patterns and jewelry. If I could crochet, I'd make every one of her bead crochet bracelets.

Painters Art Gallery
Joan Painter's site, carrying Delicas (all sizes), matsunos, beaded tapesties. One of the great things about Joan's site (aside from her huge selection) is that she will also sell very small quantities. Need 1 gram of DB331 (Gold) for a particular pattern? No problem. Just head over to Joan's.
Amazing selection of all kinds of beads, and a great place to get good prices if you can buy in quantity.
Gail Lacy does some of the most beautiful dichroic glass pendants, buttons, and cabs available today. I'm in love with them.

Faceted Bead Art
FacetedBeadArt uses 4 mm transparent round faceted beads to create gorgeous hangings reminiscent of stained glass. Shell's site specializes in bead patterns for Murals/Suncatchers and Beaded Curtains. You will also find Beads and Bead kits, as well as Instructional E-books.
This guy's work is amazing. An inspiration - especially if you are into loomwork. He wrote the book. (literally.)
Lyida Borin has a vast selection of seed beads, seed bead mixes, tutorials, etc. Also large pictures of the bead colors available. Lydia is also extremely knowledgable and wonderfully generous with it.

This is a shop located in Ontario, Canada that specializes in UltraSuede. They have a very large selection and are perfectly willing to sell by mail in small swatches (single squares or sample packs of color sets!) suitable for bead projects.


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