Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder, simple, efficient and successful e-commerce

E-commerce has become the most efficient way to promote products and services and ensure the success of any business. Unlike traditional commerce, a virtual store allows merchants to sell without schedules and without geographical borders, which translates into an increase in profits. Customers, on the other hand, find it ideal to be able to buy what they want without having to move from home.

Having reliable e-commerce providers is therefore essential to promote digital business. And for all those entrepreneurs there is PrestaShop, a free e-commerce software that allows you to create virtual stores with just one click, in addition to offering the best tools to manage the business. More than 270,000 websites that use Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder .
This software is one of the most used and necessary tools for your business to have the success you need, through the PrestaShop Addons, official store business owners can buy modules, templates, and services to personalize their online stores, add features that allow them to improve their sales and ensure the success of their businesses.
5000 modules include the most varied solutions to give life to web pages, including: page design with the most versatile and professional templates; navigation options and filters that facilitate the search of specific articles; product promotion and marketing models that improve the visibility of the online business; secure payment methods and shipping logistics; tools that increase the presence in social networks and much more.
One of the most striking options is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module, through which you can encourage customers to finalize their orders by re-launching the abandoned items with better prices. Thus, there are no possible losses.
This reminder of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder allows you to easily add discounts on the price or shipping costs in the re-launch emails according to the total amount of the abandoned cart.