Virotherapy Clinic has the newest melanoma treatment for cancer patients

The Global Cancer Clinic Virotherapy applies the most innovative treatment of melanoma in the world; this procedure involves injecting Riga virus from native RNA, which has been adjusted to melanoma cells type ECHO7. This virus is injected in the form of a frozen solution of 2 ml, to keep all its characteristics in optimal conditions, it must be transported and kept frozen at a temperature between -20 ± 2 ° C until the patient is injected.

Thanks to its oncolytic virus therapy , the Riga virus attacks only the cancer cells, leaving normal cells healthy and the best of all is that it produces minimal side effects, so it is recommended for the treatment of melanoma in the form of permanent.
This virus helps to manifest the antigen related to the tumor and slows down the manifestation of the MAGE group, which allows the melanoma to grow in the cancer cells that are not eliminated. It also activates B, T, CD8 +, auxiliary CD4 + cytotoxicity cells, NK cells, monocytes, macrophages, CD38 + present in the adjacent blood, CD95 + receptor apoptosis in lymphocytes and promotes the creation of antibodies and interferon.
In Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the treatment is administered intramuscularly, in the shoulder or in the buttock; or local, that is, close to the location of the tumor. The use of other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, does not prevent the use of virotherapy. Since it is a drug, its reactions in the short or long term are very mild and there has not been any serious case. Among its effects are slight changes at the gastrointestinal level, subfebrility that lasts for 1 or 2 days, an excess of sleep and, occasionally, in time, pain in the place where the injection was placed.
This wonderful procedure is carried out successfully at the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic, in Jurmala, Latvia. At the Virotherapy Clinic, patients are treated with a team of professionals until their recovery.