The risks associated with hyperbaric oxygen treatment

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is naturally considered to be safe due to only oxygen inhaling involvement within the procedure. The risks associated with the hyperbaric treatment are negligible. However, some of the associated risks of the hyperbaric therapy are listed below:

1. Myopia can occur due to changes in the lens of the eyes.
2. Mild injuries to the middle ear lobe which can include fluid leakage due to excess pressure and rupturing of the eardrum.
3. The collapse of the lungs caused due to the changes in the air pressure.
4. Seizures can result from inhaling greater proportions of oxygen at a time.
5. In many cases, there can be an outbreak of fire due to high oxygen content and air pressure within the chamber or tube.
This is one of the conditions that have a lot of concern relating to the health of all the individuals around the world who take the hyperbaric therapy. Pure oxygen is one of the fuel sources that can lit up easily only under extreme pressure. This is the main reason why any sources such as lighters, matchsticks, batteries, and many other related items are not allowed to be taken into the chamber. The products obtained from the petroleum sources tend to impose the same results too. Before undergoing the treatment, a trained practitioner must be consulted and the steps must be formulated as prescribed in order to escape all varieties of associated dangers within the chamber.
There are a lot of benefits associated with the therapy. It is one of the renowned procedures for cure using oxygen and its level maintenance within the tissues in an adequate amount. The therapy simultaneously helps in the betterment of the life and health in the zones which are not reached out by medicines or are beyond repair by other means.